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Summer Seal Coating Benefits

Summer seal coating benefits are extensive. Summer has officially started on the East Coast; however, is your carport or parking garage prepared to fight against the summer heat?

Fortune has smiled on you on the off chance that you’re examining whether to secure private or business seal coating support for your home or business.

R&D Roofing comes out with some of the advantages of obtaining a good seal coating service before summer arrives, courtesy of your Superior Seal Coating crew.

Understanding Summer Seal Coating Benefits

  • Extend the Life of Your Pavement:

Seal coating benefits in adding a protective covering to your driveway and lot, acting as a shell to shield it from the weather. Summer seal coating benefits are particularly significant throughout the mid-year heat.

Seal coating will certainly extend the life of your pavement because it protects it from the weather.

  • Avoid Expensive Repairs:

When your asphalt isn’t seal-covered, it is straightforwardly exposed to the sun’s heat.

This exposure, over time, encourages damage such as cracks and potholes, which can be costly to repair. Worse, if the damage is not confined, you may find yourself in need of a completely new driveway or parking lot sooner than you anticipated.

Another summer seal coating benefit is that it may help you prevent these expensive fees in the future.

  • Water and Freeze-Thaw Cycle Protection:

Water can also cause damage to the unprotected pavement. This problem is exacerbated throughout the winter when water enters into minor gaps during the warm season and then freezes.

It expands when water freezes, causing even wider cracks and other damage. Seal coating, which seals small cracks and keeps water out, can help prevent this damage.

  • Sunlight Drying Effects are reduced:

The sun can also harm your pavement, and while this is most noticeable in the summer, it is a concern all year. Seal coating fills surface spaces and protects asphalt surfaces from the sun’s rays in the same way sunscreen does.

  • Avoiding Auto Fluid Damage:

Asphalt is a petroleum-based material. Subsequently, when vehicle liquids, for example, gas and oil, fall on the blacktop, they can break down into the surface, debilitating it and, in the long run, causing cracking and breaking.

On the other hand, spills are unavoidable, and while you may wipe and wash them away, it’s far better to prevent this damage in the first place using seal coating.


However, how does seal coating work? Here is the interaction our experts follow while coating your black-top surfaces throughout the summer season:

Climate Check—

Summer is a happy season to seal coat as the climate is generally drier than during the colder winter or spring seasons.

Our experts need a dry surface to apply a seal coat, which will stay that way for about 48 to 8 hours.

Direct Safety—

In addition to clearing and washing off the black-top surface, we likewise make a point to situate blockades to screen traffic nearby. Furthermore, we fix up any spots or openings to ensure your newly seal-coated surface is protected!

Apply Sealcoating—

Then, we apply the seal coat across the whole black-top surface and double-check that it’s applied equitably. We likewise need to anticipate a second seal coat applied the following day.

Permit to Dry—

Once applied, the black-top seal coat needs an ideal opportunity to dry. Normally, 36 hours will get the job done. When that time has elapsed and the blockades are eliminated, your spic and span seal coat is prepared for use!


Seal coating is vital since it protects your paved surface throughout the year. Contact R&D Roofing if you need a new seal coating in Florida.




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