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Commercial Roof Repairs in Florida

A solid roof system protects your building, its occupants and its contents from the elements. When it’s compromised, you need a roofing contractor who can respond quickly with experience and reliability.

Emergency Roof Repairs | Emergencies happen, and when they do, timing is everything. Our team of highly trained and professional experts in South Florida and the Tampa Bay area can be quickly and easily dispatched to stop your roof leak and minimize property damage. We address the immediate issues so that we can help you come up with the most viable, cost-efficient, long-term roofing solution. Contact us now.

Why does roofing experience matter?

Commercial roofs are costly, and most commercial property managers know that roof repairs must meet specific standards to ensure warranties are not jeopardized. R&D Construction and Roofing is certified with Duro-lastGAF, Verisco, Tremco and Owning-Corning for roof installation and repairs. 

Potential Roof Problems

Building leaks can come from anywhere. Typically, the roof is the first place you look and oftentimes. Unfortunately, water travels, and the source is not always easily tracked. The R&D team is experienced in tracking the source and handling the repairs. 

Trapped moisture and air can cause bumps or bubbles on a commercial roof’s surface. Blistering can be found on any roof type and range in size. When left untreated, roof blisters grow in size, making the roof susceptible to more extensive damage. It’s best to treat blisters early.

Flashing protects seams and joints. Over time, expansion, contraction, and exposure to the elements cause metal flashing to deteriorate. Wind can also pull flashing away. In addition to exposing seems, the sharp material can create punctures. 

Punctures can be small or more significant, exposing the layers of the roof. Aside from the water protective barrier being breached, punctures can lift in wind and create additional exposures. 

R&D Construction and Roofing can help you with these problems as well: vent pipe boots, ventilation, resealing, shingle & tile repair, storm damage, fading & discoloration, crack sealing,  and damage revision.

R&D Construction and Roofing provides repair services to all commercial roofs, including code-enforced updates and upgrades. Our general construction background makes us a versatile roofing company for your business needs and requirements.



R&D Construction and Roofing is a licensed and insured commercial construction and roofing company serving Miami-Dade, Broward, Palm Beach and Monroe Counties and the Tampa Bay and Pinellas Park areas, specializing in complete commercial roofing, build-outs and tenant improvements. We provide an all-in-one construction solution for our customers from start to finish.