Construction Consulting


R&D Construction & Roofing, LLC provides excellent construction consulting services, tools, technology, resources, and products that assist public, government, and private contractors with construction based goals. Our company has worked with several different construction level businesses and operatives on a plethora of construction projects utilizing the latest construction practices.

Whether you want to construct a residential home or commercial build out, we will assist you from the planning, design and guiding you through to completion. As a dedicated construction consultant, we bring with us South Florida’s best construction professionals, experts, resources, and personnel in every discipline for the cost. At R&D Construction & Roofing, we realize that each project is unique. That’s why we always offer a unique solution by focusing on the requirements of each project while creating a plan that works as efficiently as possible.


Our construction consulting specializes in value engineering, cost estimating, scheduling, cost management, and expert construction claims. We provide in-depth analysis of the entire project to inform our clients about potential cost-saving ideas, work packaging and scheduling cost benefits, coordination conflicts, and value engineering problems. Hundreds of clients have trusted R&D Construction & Roofing, LLC to provide expert consultation with their construction related challenges. Some clients face difficulty in finalizing the commercial build-outs and they contact us for expert opinion or usage of our construction team members.

Many also call us for on-site emergency problems that they encounter daily. We are renowned in South Florida and Tampa Bay area for our high quality work, collaborative approach, and professionalism at a very fair price. So you can hire our construction consulting services if you need any assistance. Our company can assist you in all types of construction consultation needs. So whether you are a contractor, attorney, or an owner, you can trust our construction consulting services.

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