Design And Build Services


Design and build services are a combination of both architecture and construction, which require an architect, construction manager, and engineer to complete a specific project. This means clients can get operational benefits by entering into one contract with a single company. This saves time and money since there is no need to enter into several different contracts with several different companies at once.

R&D Construction & Roofing, LLC is a reliable construction company that serves the Miami and the Tampa Bay area. We offer complete design and build services for virtually every need from commercial warehouses to residential bathrooms and everything in between. The best thing about our construction company is that we specialize in all design and building process areas. So, you can expect high-quality work and expertise all at a competitive price.


Also, our design and build services establish responsibilities for synchronizing activities between builder and designer as our single contract entails architecture, construction, and engineering services. Our employees include experts in all areas, from planning, estimating, and acquisition, to construction management, quality, cost control, and safety. This type of service not only saves the time and effort of clients, but it also helps in saving their money.

We devote our highly skilled staff and quality resources for each of our design and build projects. Through direct cooperation between the builder, designer, and architect, we bring technical and creative proficiency to our projects. We utilize technology and materials effectively and efficiently to reduce costs, minimize waste, and shorten schedules without compromising on quality, so you can trust our services.

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