Aluminum is one of the most incredible base metal options for standing seam metal roofing nowadays. It is a more environmentally friendly option to other elemental metals. It is long-lasting and rust-resistant, and it also offers energy-saving features that may benefit any home.

If you intend to build a standing seam metal roof, you should be aware of the various sources of damage that they might experience. Classic Metal Roofs’ recognized roof repair specialists highlight common metal roof difficulties.

No item on the planet is flawless, regardless of how much money it is worth or how well it is cared for. You may indeed be lucky enough never to have a problem with something you’ve acquired, or you may be dealing with one or more issues at any one moment. 

It all depends on the situation. Metal roofing is no exception. If you choose an ordinary metal roof, you can suffer in the long run.

The Most Common Metal Roofing Issues That May Influence Your Final Decision

  • Corrosion

When you have a galvalume or galvanized steel metal roof, you are in danger of rust and corrosion. This is caused by water and water-borne pollutants.

Metal roofs are frequently coated with water-resistant paint, so verify the coating. Rust is more likely if the coating is damaged.

When metal roofing material is sliced during installation, an open edge of the metal is exposed, allowing moisture to enter. This will instantly start the rusting process.

  • Failing Fastener

The fasteners and clips that hold your standing seam metal roof in place are essential. Most roofers, who install steel roofs, including galvalume and galvanized steel roofing, employ galvanized clips and screws.

They can keep your steel roof in place, but they are prone to degradation and corrosion due to moisture. However, this is what keeps the roof in place. That is why R&D Roofing employs stainless steel clips and fasteners, which are guaranteed to be rust and corrosion-free.

If your roof is not correctly erected with the required materials, it may corrode and be blown off by the wind. Hire a skilled contractor to ensure that your metal roof is correctly fitted and fastened.

  • Scratches and Punctures

Standing seam metal roofs can be scuffed by tree and snow debris. This might affect the longevity of your roof.

Scratches might erode the protective covering. Punctures can cause leaks and rips in the cloth. Inspect your roof regularly, so you know when to cover it up or replace it.

  • Paint Fading

Finally, your metal roof’s protective coating is what makes it last. Sunlight and rain, on the other hand, can wear it down and cause it to fade. Your roof begins to deteriorate as it fades.

Kynar coatings are not found on all metal roofs. Furthermore, the proportion of Kynar varies per product.

Ensure that the roof you purchase has a 70 percent Kynar coating system, which is the maximum you can acquire! If your roof coating fails due to poor paint, engage a professional to recoat it with a high-quality coating.

  • Oil Canning Problems

Oil sealing happens when there is waviness in the flat portions of the sheet metal panels of a metal roof. This is typical of light-gauge, cold-formed metals such as copper, zinc, aluminum, and steel.

Consider this: the metal system’s standing seam becomes overstressed and can no longer maintain a flat form. Therefore, purchasing a thicker metal is beneficial.

  • Leaking

Metal roof leaks are not immune to leaking. However, leaks are typical with metal roofs, whether due to human mistakes or material faults.

  • Other Errors Made During Installation

When supplies of any type are acquired throughout the shipping process, missing material is a typical occurrence. As a result, another fair question to pose to your installer is, “Was anything missing when the metal roof was delivered?”

Unfortunately, installers may fail to install your metal roof properly since they do not want to wait for new components. It’s unfortunate but true.

Bottom Line

Finding the right metal roofing product is tough. However, you can contact R&D Roofing for better suggestions or recommendations about metal roofing.